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    Secure your marketing future in a cookieless world

  • Cookies are on their way out. Here's what to do.


    TL;DR Google plans to disable 3rd party cookies in early 2024 which could kill your ad performance. Download our 4-week guide to get your website and ad tracking back on course and ready to face future obstacles.

    Week 1

    You'll identify your starting point and create a 4 week action plan. The basis of ad platform tracking starts with pixels and tags, that’s where we’ll start.

    Week 2

    You'll setup server side tracking. This connects ad platforms and analytics directly to your website server, bypassing the need for 3rd party cookies.

    Week 3

    You'll learn how to use Google Consent Mode to improve reporting, and avoid the terrors of the Cookie Apocalypse entirely!


    Week 4

    You'll figure out how to own, enrich and utilise your customer data reducing your reliance on ad platforms to market to your customers and prospects.

    Going forward

    You'll have the setup you need to take your marketing performance up a gear, safe in the knowledge that your tracking setup is best in class!