How to set up conversions API for Meta on your website


Laura Daniel, co-founder at We Grow Startups,


Cookie based (Meta Pixel) tracking can’t be trusted alone anymore so, if you’re running ads on Meta, you need to implement conversions API. This allows Meta to plug in directly to your website’s server, without the need for 3rd party cookies.

It’s essential to nail tracking so you can be confident in knowing the impact your ad campaigns are having in driving traffic, leads or sales on your website. So let’s get down to it!

If, like me, you’re not a developer, this is the easiest (and code free) way to set up Conversions API for Meta. If you’re using a platform like Wordpress, Shopify, WiX, Magento and many more, this is the one for you. (You can find out whether your platform has an integration here.)

1. Go to Events Manager on Meta:

  • Navigate to your Facebook Business Manager.
  • Select "Events Manager."
  • Click on the pixel you want to set up with the Conversions API.

2. Choose a Partner:

  • In the Events Manager, you will see a "Connect a Partner" option
  • Click on it and choose your platform from the list of available partners.

3. Follow Platform-specific instructions:

Each platform will have its unique setup process:

  • Example: Shopify
    • In Shopify, go to "Sales channels" and select Facebook.
    • Connect your account and provide the necessary permissions.
    • Under data sharing settings, choose maximum or enhanced to enable Conversions API alongside the browser pixel.
    • Shopify will handle the rest, sending server-side events to Facebook.
  • Example: WooCommerce with a plugin like "PixelYourSite"
    • Install the PixelYourSite plugin.
    • Configure the plugin with your Pixel ID.
    • Ensure server-side events are enabled in the plugin's settings.
    • The plugin will send the events via the Conversions API.

4. Test the Implementation:

Back in the Facebook Events Manager, use the diagnostics tools to see if server-side events from your partner integration are coming through.

And that's another thing done.

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