How to craft a winning welcome email series


Laura Daniel, co-founder at We Grow Startups,


Your subscribers are most engaged in the 6 weeks following sign up (open & click rates are often 2x higher than any other email you’ll send) so now is the time to nurture a relationship and convert them!

Use them to show you understand their needs, can solve their challenges and drive awareness of your brand and offering.

Before you get started - essential considerations

  • Reflect your brand’s unique tone of voice
  • Make every email interesting - show you understand that their time and attention is valuable
  • Have a clear objective and call to action in every email
  • It’s not about a hard sell! Demonstrate you understand their problems and have the perfect solution
  • Include links to your social channels, privacy policy and unsubscribe in the footer
  • Be prepared to monitor the performance of your emails and flows; open rate, click rate, purchase rate, average revenue per recipient etc. Most email platforms will have a dashboard that has your key metrics gathered into one place.

He’s an example of a winning welcome flow:

Email 1 - Deliver on the reason they signed up

Let’s be honest, often subscribers have signed up to get a discount or free download, so it’s important to deliver this offer

  • Trigger it to send immediately after they sign up
  • Clear CTA to download or use the discount code
  • Before each subsequent email is sent, use a filter that they “haven’t yet purchased or converted” to ensure the emails are relevant.
  • Once they do purchase, enrol them into a post purchase flow.

Email 2 - Show you care

  • Ask for more info; give them an opportunity to tell you what they’d like to hear more about from you.

Email 3 - Inspire with a product recommendation

  • Personalise (if possible, based on what they told you they’d like to hear more about) or pick your bestseller (ecom) or top-rated product feature (service) and breakdown its features and benefits, focused on how they solve your subscriber’s problem.

Email 3 - Build trust with testimonials/reviews

  • People don’t trust brands, they trust other people. Bring your product or service to life through an authentic testimonial. Bonus points if it’s hosted on a well known platform like Trustpilot!

Email 4 - Discount / incentive (or remind them of the original offer)

  • Here’s your chance to push them over the line to purchase.
  • Can you add a sense of urgency with a timebanded offer or upgrade the initial offer to something more generous?

Once they complete your welcome flow, keep them engaged with regular newsletters (these could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly) and you should have a rich, active subscriber base!

And that's another thing done.

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